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Whst is gyosei Shohi

What is Gyosei-Shoshi Lawyers?
Gyosei-Shoshi is one of licensed, legal professions in Japan where Bengo-Shi (attorney at law) or Shiho-Shoshi (judicial scrivener) separately exist and practice in their own legal fields.
Historically Gyosei-Shoshi was derived from “Daisyo-Nin”, a scrivener, from which and legalized to the current profession in 1947. Gyosei-Shoshi deals with transactional-type or administrative legal works which are apart from courtroom advocacy. In this sense the services rendered by Gyosei-Shoshi are equivalent to those of solicitors in other countries like England.
Gyosei-Shoshi is licensed to practice in the areas of administrative laws and procedures and government regulatory clearances cases and represents its clients for filing and application for business licenses in the fields of ,but not limited to, construction, transportation, entertainment, medical and cosmetic, industrial waste disposal, land development permission.
Gyosei-Shoshi also handles immigration law related cases and files applications such as certificate of eligibility, change of status, extension of status to regional immigration offices as well as filing naturalization application to regional legal affairs bureaus of Department of Justice.
Currently Gyosei-Shoshi is authorized to participate in administrative hearings or administrative Appeal Act where Gyosei-Shoshi represents its clients who are given an opportunity to defend themselves from unfavorable governmental decisions or orders against them.
A Gyosei-Shoshi is also authorized to prepare and draft a variety of legal documents on behalf of its clients such as articles of incorporation for variety of legal entities, contracts related to business transactions or intellectual properties, wills and estate distribution agreements and other legal documents which enumerate important duties and rights.
Each Gyosei-Shoshi is mandatorily required to be a member of a local Gyosei-Shoshi Association that rules and governs the conducts of Gyosei-Shoshi as well as provides a variety of seminars and pertinent information to its members. Gyosei-Shoshi provides their legal service to its client in conformity with the Gyosei-Shoshi Act and other applicable laws and regulations. Thus, clients are well protected from the act of Gyosei-Shoshi, against whom Gyosei-Shoshi Association or competent government may take a disciplinary action for malpractice or breach of confidentiality.
The greater complexity and diversity of our business field become, the higher specialized knowledge and expertise Gyosei-Shoshi is required to acquire. Each of Gyosei-Shoshi exerts him/herself to update expertise through continuing legal education in order to meet client demand in a professional manner.